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Uneven Earth is a new space for online conversation around social and environmental justice issue. With 1 to 3 publications per month, we try to practice ‘slow media’, where writers and editors don’t burn out, readers aren’t over-burdened by information overload. The articles we select for publication are considered, thought-out, and engaging. We hope to offer a reprieve from the tiring news cycle. One of our main goals is to make academic research accessible for wider audiences and to use available academic resources to support struggles for social and environmental justice.

Uneven Earth publishes interviews, reflection essays, field-based narratives and photo-essays. The website’s small editorial board includes ENHANCE doctoral fellow Claire Lagier and Birkbeck-University of London PhD candidate Aaron Vansintjan. As editors, we believe in writing that avoids sweeping generalizations and academic jargon. One of our goals is to help contextualizing today’s news within historical, environmental, and political inequities, and we hope to encourage citizen journalism, personal narratives, and local stories.

In 2016, Uneven Earth launched its monthly writing grant, which supports two authors who might not otherwise have the resources to fund their work. Applications are on a rolling basis. Pieces can also be submitted at any time independently of the writing grant, on a volunteer basis. Although most pieces are in English, we are looking to publish pieces in other languages or in translation.

We encourage anyone in the ENHANCE network to submit pieces or ideas for pieces to Uneven Earth. Please send submissions and comments to info@unevenearth.org

Following are some examples of pieces published on Uneven Earth:



Posted by : Claire Lagier

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Posted On : 18th April 2016

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