Undisciplined Discipline Writing Workshop

In late January, the “Writing with Undisciplined Discipline: a Writing Workshop with Environmental Humanities” took place. We had a great turn out. At the event, an exciting and eclectic group of individuals challenged each others’ writing practices and expectations.

Why Undisciplined

The impetus for this event was partially in response to think and write through disciplinary difficulties in the face of calls for collaborative and transdisciplinary work on environmental issues. It was also spurred on by our desire to link together researchers interested in environmental humanities.

For a comprehensive look at what took place during the event, I would direct you to Olga Cielemecka’s lovely post. But briefly, we spent two days in conversation and writing—stretching our imagination with rocks, reacquainting ourselves to writing history and materials, delving into writing desire, exploring our writing senses, and more.

What’s Next

Participants generated a lot of ideas at the meeting and some projects are already getting started. Some of these ideas are simple and some are more ambitious, and some are more undisciplined than others. Here’s some things we are interested in making happen next:

  • European Conference in Environmental Humanities
  • An internal pre-peer review system for scholars looking for feedback on their writing
  • Collaboration Directory – a one stop “shop” for researchers, activists, artists, policymakers looking for national or international partners doing work in environmental humanities
  • Alternative Authorships – multiple authors working together by using writing techniques such as pseudonym, heteronym, alter-egos, or cooperative groups

If you see anything in this list that sparks your fancy, and you’d like to contribute, just let us know.  Send me your ideas. We look forward to future updates, writing results, and responses for those who participated.

This workshop was graciously funded by Seed Box, a Mistra-Formas Environmental Humanities Collaboratory.


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Posted On : 28th February 2017

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