The Postcolonial Arctic

The latest issue of Moving Worlds: A Transnational Journal is focused around the theme of the The Postcolonial Arctic. The issue brings together the work of a number of early-career scholars from a range of countries, including Nancy Campbell, Tone Huse and Marionne Cronin.

The cover image for the special issue comes from a photograph by Finnish artist Marja Helander. The photo is part of her 2001-2003 series of images entitled _Modern Nomads_. Modern Nomads arose out of an image Marja had been long carrying in her head: a person walking in a suit through a winter mountain landscape. Marja soon realised that she wanted that person to be her herself – to make those photos personal, to make them staged self-portraits. As she tells it, the photos in Modern Nomads relate a story about a modern person – someone who is totally lost in her traditional Sámi environment. “She doesn´t understand her position, and she walks on the mountains following the footsteps of her ancestors, reindeer-herdsmen,” Marja commented. The movement continues, but the frame of reference is different. Some of the images for this series Marja shot in the Varanger Fjord in Norway, where the Sámi people arrived some 10,000 years ago. Mount Palopää is an area in the Utsjoki municipality of Northern Finland where Marja’s ancestors have been engaged in reindeer herding for centuries. The photograph for the cover of Moving Worlds tell of the complexities of contemporary human identity, and of the frequent contridictions, ironies and absurdities of life in the North as it is understood both by insiders and outsiders.

The introductory editorial to the special issue, by Graham Huggan and Roger Norum, can be downloaded here. One-year subscriptions to the journal can be purchased online at:

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Posted On : 6th April 2016

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