ENHANCE School in Public Environmental Humanities

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ENHANCE School in Public Environmental Humanities

2-6 October 2017
KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory
Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment
KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Sweden

School Theme

Environmental Humanities is a relatively new but rapidly expanding field that brings the cultural, historical and ethical dimensions of environmental issues into conversation with the sciences, public policy and the arts. The field has attracted several interdisciplinary research networks linking academic partners in Europe and elsewhere throughout the globe. We consider environmental humanities as an arena where scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds can explore the possibilities of new constellations and assemblages of knowledge production for application to cross-cutting environmental, social, and cultural concerns.

The 2017 ENHANCE School will be dedicated to the theme of Public Environmental Humanities. By this, we mean any possible application of the environmental humanities methods and research beyond the scholarly domain. Public environmental humanities has a clear commitment to socially relevant research and promotes transformative, accessible, and emancipatory knowledge.The 2017 ENHANCE School will explore, debate, and practice different modes and venues in which the Public environmental humanities can materialize, such as filmmaking, exhibitions, policy/advocacy work, and journalism.

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