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Design & Environment
An intensive, interdisciplinary, and output-oriented workshop

University of Leeds
Wednesday 28 February & Thursday 1 March 2018
3 to 5 page essay deadline: 12 January 2018
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This will be an intensive, interdisciplinary and output-oriented workshop. This means its format will be slightly different than in a conventional conference.

  • Apart from public keynote lectures by Wendy Gunn (KU Leuven) and Clare Rishbeth (The University of Sheffield), the workshop will be closed to people who are not presenting to improve commitment within the group.
  • The workshop is limited to a maximum of 20 people.
  • Invited participants have been asked to submit a 3 to 5 page essay well before the workshop and all participants are expected to read the essays in their panel.
  • During the meeting, each participant will give a four minute pitch rather than a full presentation, focussing on the main argument of their essay or raising questions for the audience (creative approaches are welcome).
  • Each presenter is appointed a discussant who responds to the presentation and the written work, before the floor opens for questions.
  • Each presenter is also discussant for one of the other papers in their panel.
  • There will be no parallel panels.

In addition, various sessions will be directed, each in their own way, at coming up with collaborative output based on the discussions and presentations.

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