The Future of Wild Europe Field Trip, Sunday September 11th

Preliminary field trip details
Rewilding in the Yorkshire Dales & Saltaire Brewery

Normally closed to the general public, Scar Close National Nature Reserve is a unique mountainous landscape in the Yorkshire Dales. It is an area of limestone pavement that has been ungrazed for 34 years and has a vibrancy and a diversity in bird, plant, mammal and invertebrate life not found elsewhere in the Dales.

During our trip, we will be taken around the reserve by its manager, Colin Newlands, as well as Mark Fisher of the Wildland Research Institute (University of Leeds). They will talk us through the history, ecology, and development of Scar Close.

The Reserve is managed by Natural England as part of their Ingleborough National Nature Reserve network under non-intervention principles such as fencing out grazing livestock. We may also make a side trip to the adjacent YWT reserve of Southerscales, managed using conservation grazing, which would allow us to make interesting comparisons as regards biodiversity and landscape.

On our way back to Leeds, we will visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Saltaire Village, where we will sample some of Yorkshire’s cultural traditions at the award winning Saltaire Brewery. Winning awards for brewing is no mean feat as Yorkshire has more microbreweries than anywhere else in the UK. Saltaire is marvellously well preserved former mill town which now also houses an internationally recognized collection of art by David Hockney inside Salts Mill.

Saltaire Brewery Logo

Logistics (To be Finalized)

Departure – 08.00 from University of Leeds, Parkinson’s Steps
Return – 18.00 to Parkinson’s Steps
All included, including picnic lunch and beer tasting
Cost: Included in conference registration fee

What to Expect

Both Scar Close and Southerscales are on limestone pavements, so expect some rough terrain. Total walking distance will only be about 2 or 3 miles.
Bring: suitable walking footwear, waterproof clothing, hat & gloves, water

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