Sarah Elizabeth Yoho

Contact Information

  • Doctoral Researcher
  • University of Leeds

Personal Information

Within the ENHANCE programme, Sarah collaborates with Arvid van Dam on the ‘Waterworks’ work package which examines flood and drought in European contexts.

Sarah is keenly interested in water, food, human health, and the various political, social, and cultural ramifications of community resilience. Her doctoral research is an interdisciplinary case study that examines community resilience in the aftermath of flooding in northern Italy. Through ethnographic fieldwork, the study aims to analyse the broader discourses as well as the specific actors that have featured in the rebuilding of both the community and the physical environment.

Sarah is a graduate of Penn State University (BAs in History and in French with a Theatre minor) and the Australian National University (Master of Culture, Health and Medicine).  Previous fieldwork includes outback Australia and southern Madagascar.

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