Jonathan Carruthers-Jones

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Based at Leeds, Jonathan’s doctoral work examines the connections between the representation and preservation of wild spaces and species in the pan-European context. His thesis analyses specific instances of these connections in the work of contemporary European nature writers and/or natural history filmmakers, and gauge the applicability of this work to EU environmental, wildlife, and conservation policy. He explores attitudes to wild spaces and wild species in mountain areas using an interdisciplinary approach for more informed and effective nature conservation. His field sites are in Scotland and the French Pyrenees. Prior to joining Leeds University, Jonathan worked on the Great Mountain Corridor Initiative, a landscape scale connectivity conservation project which aims to restore natural landscape quality in mountainous regions in western Europe. He is a member of the IUCN-WCPA Mountains Biome: Mountain Protected Areas Network and on the management committee for a European COST Action on aerial corridors. Jonathan is a qualified International Mountain Leader and mostly loves wandering ‘off-grid’ into the mountains in search of adventure. Jonathan is a member of the Wildland Research Institute at Leeds.

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